Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Tribute

"...and when my life is over and my body goes away, the part of me that you have gained will forever stay."-Joy MacLean, in a letter to her daughter, Mary.

Thank you, Mom. You signed that letter Your Mother and Friend. And you were both. Thank you for what you gave me. The gift of appreciation for nature's beauty. You taught me not just to look at things, but to see them. That ability has enriched my life more that anything else. To find endless pleasure watching a hummingbird draw nourishment from a flower is something I got from you. One of your many gifts to me. So on this day of celebrating Mothers I sit in my garden and enjoy the gifts of nature as seen through the eyes that you taught me to see beauty through. Thank you for that part of you that I have gained. I love you always.

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