Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Little Chickadee

I think Black-capped chickadees are one of Mother Nature's cutest creations. I am fortunate to have a family of them in one of my bird houses. They return year after year to the same box to raise their young. I know their eggs have hatched because of the constant back and forth of both parents. What busy little birds! Today I observed a little face peeking out to grab a quick bite from a now frantic parent. I think the little ones will be fledgling soon and filling my yard with what I call the "hee hee" sound! Good luck my little friends!


The nest box is now alive with the sounds of little ones! That means they should be turned loose on the world in a week or so! I look forward to watching the parents feeding and showing the babies how to survive in the great big world!


Well, after being unable to get online for a few days because of a lightning strike, here's an update on my little Black-capped chickadees. They left the nextbox yesterday, May 17th. There was much chattering and calling all afternoon. I got the feeling that at least one was reluctant to leave the nest, but after some coaxing from the rest of the family, the little one ventured into the outside world. Today was a rainy day, so I am hoping to witness some baby chickadees learning the ropes tomorrow. Watching their antics as they learn how to find food is one of the joys of having a backyard habitat!

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